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1Lineage 2 Dorn Empty Lineage 2 Dorn on Wed 13 May 2015, 1:00 pm


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We launched Our Website L2Dorn. com, next couple days we will translate the account services on main page. Also we found agreement with one of russian leading gaming devices shop, that they will sponsor us with gaming devices like Keyboards, High quality headphones, Mp4, Ipods, mobile devices, ipads and etc. Theese accessories can be exchanged for Forum Golds on our forums, we will open exchange page 2 weeks before Grand Opening. Second news is related to advertisement, we already begun advertisement on minor sites, huge launch of advertisement will start on 1st may.


- Why we are different from other High Five x 50 servers?

In past we created x20 and x75 servers, both servers are still alive, their age is bit over 4 years and 2 years ( Never been a single wipe ), average server online is 1700 ( close to 2000 ) and 3200. When we create something we trully focus on economy that should be driven by players and not by donators. I can tell you that we are sponsored by strong companies and Lineage 2 is not our main income, and that is why we dont have donation that is boosting stats or donations that affect economy ingame.

- What about bots?

Fighting against bots, its almost like trying to take out fire with gasoline, BUT our experience from past showed us that best way is to having real report button, couple years ago we recruited people to create 24/7 service, and it worked, while ingame player reports someone, action center have 15 minutes to react and define if player is bot user or not, incase player is prooven to be a 3rd party user, we react with jail time 200 hours and inventory is emptied upon release. I must say that we have latest anti bot but we dont have trust in this YET, cause of the packets.

- Untrusty GameMasters & Admins?

I must say that we had one incident back in 2011, where gamemaster was selling ingame items on other forums, it was quite shocking discovery but i learned something about it, never trust nobody, Right now only main admin has access ingame, gamemaster have only ( hide, announce, speed ), i wont be taking any risks anymore, cause it almost cost me a full project.

- Why International?

Well, we noticed that there arent big strong competitive servers on Euro side, also i noticed something weird and hearing that players from 1 specific server complaining about closing and reopening servers every 3 - 4 months, and secret donations ... cmon its an pure rip off , so we're here to give players something special, Big brother is here ^ ^

- Any custom items on server?

Yes and No, we are not modifing the originality of gameplay, either not having special items that boosts stats, all theese parts shall be original, but we might add like Mass pvp zone , and .dressme system and some unique features, that we shall give more info about soon, other than that no, almost forget all potions might have delay, cause of clickers. About potions we will think about Right click Toggle system ( so auto clickers will become useless in PvP battle )

- Main Goal?

Our priority is to create server that lasts years and like i mentioned before that is completely driven by community not affected by donations, bots.

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